iOS 8.4 Update

iOS 8.4 Update and Bad Elf GPS

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FINALLY! Two and a half months after Apple eft over thousands of pilots that relied on external GPS units for their aviation apps, the release of iOS 8.4 has arrived and I can say with [...]

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan S10 and Stehekin 6S9

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I’ve got another trip planned to Bandon on the southern Oregon coast coming up, and I’m seven hours away from an oil change so I need to fly seven hours in the next six days [...]

Hartford, WI KHXF Sectional

2015 Tailwind and Buttercup Fly In

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I just opened a letter in the mail from Jim Stanton (the guy that wrote the Wittman Tailwind W10 Builder’s Manual) with an invitation to the 2015 Tailwind and Buttercup Fly In taking place at [...]

Air Nav Pro iOS 8.3

iOS 8.3 Wrecked My Bad Elf GPS!

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The boss needed someone to pick up a customer from Baker City, Oregon so I volunteered. I’ve been to Baker City several times and it’s an easy, direct flight, but for today’s flight my iPad [...]

3 Miles South of Sand Canyon

Sand Canyon 1S9 – Chewelah, WA

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The boss needed supplies flown to a gentleman at Sand Canyon 1S9 in Chewelah, WA so I volunteered. This is a quiet residential airpark tucked in the Okanagon foothills in Northeast Washington.

Mount Rainier

To Pierce County for Supplies – KPLU

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Oops, someone goofed. It’s Thursday afternoon and someone forgot to order fabric and glue to get wings and control surfaces covered during the weekend. FedEx and UPS can’t get the stuff delivered tomorrow for a [...]

Mt. Adams with Mt. Rainier

Landin’ at Bandon – S05

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The flight from Yakima to Hood River and then south over I-5 was great at 8,500′ MSL. While crossing the hills to get to the coast, things began to get bumpy. By the time I [...]

GoPro on the skylight

8 Airports in One Day

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This morning I felt adventurous and wanted to practice landing at different airports in a variety of settings and, really, see how many airports I can visit before my rumpus maximus was too sore to [...]

Packwood runway 01 windsock

Packwood Has Been Conquered

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This wasn’t my first attempt at setting down in Packwood, but it was almost as harrowing as the first! This place has been on my list for a while and if at first you don’t [...]

Continental O-200 air oil spearator

DIY Continental O-200 Air-Oil Separator

in Maintenance

The installation of an electric starter involved the removal of the air-oil separator, and this has proven disastrous in terms of oil blow-by. N11018 has become the Exxon Valdez of the skies. For those of [...]

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