Continental O-200 air oil spearator

DIY Continental O-200 Air-Oil Separator

The installation of an electric starter involved the removal of the air-oil separator, and this has proven disastrous in terms of oil blow-by. N11018 has become the Exxon Valdez of the skies. For those of [...]

B&C Starter BC320-1 Continental O-200 Installation

Santa Claus was good to N11018 this year and delivered a new (actually a low-time) B&C Specialties BC320-1 starter that was picked up from a fellow pilot who ran it on his RV-4 for 42 [...]

Finished heat muff

DIY Experimental Aircraft Heat Muff

There’s a fun-flying aircraft that’s occasionally seen in the wild blue, and once spotted, it’s immediately recognized for its missing cockpit. It’s called a Breezy. The only thing that separates N11018 from “Breezy” status is [...]

A New Baggage Compartment

The baggage compartment shelf on N11018 was a fragile piece of 1/4″ plywood at the onset of osteoperosis. Through normal flying and landings and incidental vibrations, it would often slide forward about 1/4″ so the [...]

Time For Some Upgrades

I love my Tailwind, but after having flown it nearly 50 hours since August, there are some changes I really want to make to it. 1. The airspeed indicator isn’t accurate. I’ve confirmed this with [...]