Bandera Airport 4W0

Bandera State Airport 4W0 – Bandera, WA

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Skykomish Airport S88

Skykomish State S88 – Skykomish, WA

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About 35 miles east of Monroe, WA along US Highway 2 (The Stevens Pass Highway) is the town of Skykomish with a grass strip.

Snoqualmie Falls – Snoqualmie, WA

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Hmmm, where should we fly today? Funky clouds to the south. Grey skies to the east. Mostly blue skies to the north and west. Let’s go northwest! Some people have told me the City of [...]

B&C Starter BC320-1 Continental O-200 Installation

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Santa Claus was good to N11018 this year and delivered a new (actually a low-time) B&C Specialties BC320-1 starter that was picked up from a fellow pilot who ran it on his RV-4 for 42 [...]

My New Year’s Resolution: 150 Hours of Flight

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Happy New Year, everyone. The Tailwind isn’t back in the air yet so no new videos or photos to share. To get myself motivated to have 11018 flying soon, I have resolved to fly her [...]

Finished heat muff

DIY Experimental Aircraft Heat Muff

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There’s a fun-flying aircraft that’s occasionally seen in the wild blue, and once spotted, it’s immediately recognized for its missing cockpit. It’s called a Breezy. The only thing that separates N11018 from “Breezy” status is [...]

A New Baggage Compartment

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The baggage compartment shelf on N11018 was a fragile piece of 1/4″ plywood at the onset of osteoperosis. Through normal flying and landings and incidental vibrations, it would often slide forward about 1/4″ so the [...]

Sim-Outhouse Updated Wittman Tailwind Models

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I’ve been quite busy with life’s activities for the past few months. Unfortunately that hasn’t involved any flying nor working on the Tailwind, so my apologies to those who have found my little corner of [...]

Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk, NC

Happy Birthday to Aviation

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The weather’s been as low as single digits and topping out in the 20’s during the day. It’s just too cold to work on the Tailwind in an unheated hangar so I haven’t got anything [...]

Harold Passow, Where Are You?

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I’ve been trying to track down N11018’s builder, Harold Passow, for a few months now. I mailed a letter to his last known airport — KARV Lakeland Airport/Noble F. Lee Memorial Field — in September [...]

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