Summit at Snoqualmie

The boss let me leave work early today (HA!) so what better excuse is there to go flying? I hoped that the Washington fall colors were coming into bloom in the Cascades and surrounding towns. I like seeing the autumn-colored leaves while driving, so seeing them from above must be spectacular. I’ve also wondered what [...]

Mount Rainier

One of the nice things of owning an airplane is that on days like today you can decide spur-of-the-moment to fly to places such as, oh, Mount Rainier! And if that airplane is a Wittman Tailwind you can do it fast and cheap (relatively speaking). So that’s where I flew to today, around Mount Rainier. [...]

The weather was good today so I spent a half hour working on my wheel landings. Nothing too exciting, but I am getting the feel for it and I like how the videos turned out. I had the airspace all to myself so the tower let me do abbreviated patterns which means one landing about [...]

Wapato Point, Lake Chelan

I’ve been an aircraft owner for three weeks now, but haven’t been home long enough to take the Tailwind for an enjoyable flight since returning from my KY-to-WA cross country. After missing out on some beautiful weather yesterday and the day before, I decided that today I’m getting up early and making a quick trip [...]