Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk, NC

The weather’s been as low as single digits and topping out in the 20’s during the day. It’s just too cold to work on the Tailwind in an unheated hangar so I haven’t got anything done since I last signed in. I did want to take this moment to say happy birthday (or happy anniversary) [...]

I’ve been trying to track down N11018’s builder, Harold Passow, for a few months now. I mailed a letter to his last known airport — KARV Lakeland Airport/Noble F. Lee Memorial Field — in September hoping it would reach him. The letter was never returned to me, and I never got a response from Harold, [...]

N11018 Merry Christmas

Pretty much everyone knows not to expect a Christmas card from me. I’m not anti-Christmas or anti-holiday. I’ve just never felt the desire to send out cards except for a few times in my life. Some of my friends have wives. Some have kids. Some even have both so I can understand why they want [...]

Hangar Floor

The “new” T-hangar is pretty messy inside because all of the plastic sheeting that was hung on the beams to separate it from the neighboring T-hangars has biodegraded or degraded (or something). This stuff is awful. It looks like a white poly-plastic tarp, but when you touch it, it crumbles. I’ve never seen anything like [...]

Some sad news came across the Wittman Tailwind user group wire this morning. A fellow pilot was killed yesterday afternoon during the second flight of his W10 that he had spent several years building. The GA community always mourns at the loss of a pilot, but this one is especially sad for the Tailwind fliers. [...]