There are several varieties of Tailwind wings. My W8 has the flat-bottomed, short type. “Flat-bottomed” in the sense that the bottom surface is literally flat – not rounded. And “short” in the sense that they don’t have the extended triangular tips which are about 18″ longer and proven to add lift and reduce drag. I [...]

After uncovering and inspecting the wings, they were found to be in great shape. There’s a little bit of water staining at the roots. If you look closely at some of the pictures you may see it. A retired master-craftsman-cabinet-maker-woodsman took a look at them and indicated it was nothing to be concerned about. As [...]

There is clear evidence of some experimenting done on this experimental aircraft over the years, specifically in the horizontal stabilizer area. The plates that secure/locate the leading edges of the horizontal stabilizers had many holes in them: four on the pilot side; six on the passenger side. We fabbed up some new plates and drilled [...]

There’s a popular deviation from the standard Wittman Tailwind plans that involves building it with the rear spar carry-thru moved aft about three inches. This is great for people that are tall or people that don’t like smashing their head on that crossbeam when the flight gets bumpy. Trust me, IT HURTS! I eventually wrapped [...]