One of the goals I have during this upgrade process is to make my Tailwind faster. I’ve read that fairing the gear legs has been shown to be worth an extra 10 knots and wheel pants can add 5 knots. I bought some ultralight wheel pants from a seller on ebay. There’s no indication that [...]

The sidewalls on N11018 definitely have some history. For starters, not one single screw hole is round any more. They are all stretched and oblong and what’s strange is that they are elongated in different directions. Some stretch vertically; other horizontally. Some stretched to the edge of the material so they weren’t able to be [...]

Tim the cover guy spent last week covering the fuselage. He said this was different than all the Cubs he’s done. N11018 got rolled in to the paint booth today and some time next week will be pinked, silvered, whited, then painted.