One of my most favorite things about flying is sightseeing. Looking down upon the earth. I love it. One of my least favorite things about my Tailwind is the lack of sideways visibility. I understand that some aircraft can’t have windows that exceed a certain size, but I never understood why more Tailwind builders didn’t [...]

The old belly panel was functional, but I didn’t want to reuse it. It was worn out and dented and since I’m replacing just about every other external part on my airplane I may as well do this too. I measured the hole locations on the original panel and used that info to design a [...]

There’s no turning back now. N11018 is officially Cub Yellow. Back when this whole project started, my initial plan was to have a bright matte white Tailwind when it was done. Just something simple that would be easy to add livery or decals to later on if I wanted. There was plenty of white and [...]

The polybrush was applied last week followed by the silver ultraviolet protective coating. I wasn’t around to get pictures of either of those. Today she got painted white in preparation for the final color of Cub Yellow.