The wings are painted and are they ever shiny!

The Poly-brush has dried so now it’s time to add the Poly-spray for some ultraviolet protection.

I used Solidworks to design some frames to “sandwich” the rear windows into position. The old windows were bolted directly to the window frames (yellow arrow) and I’m sure that’s why many of the bolt holes in those windows had developed cracks. I didn’t want to make new frames, but a problem developed when the [...]

After the the Poly-fiber has been Poly-tak’d to a surface, the next job is to Poly-brush it in preparation for the Poly-spray. Holy poly, that’s a mouth full. With that being said, the wings have been pinked with Poly-Brush.

The wings got covered with Stits polyfiber and poly-tak. The poly-tak was allowed 24 hours to dry and we tried pulling the fabric up. There’s no way that fabric was gonna come off without pulling wood up with it so I can say confidently that it is secure. Absolutely more secure than the old fabric [...]

I don’t know the actual age of all the windows on my Tailwind, but they have all sustained their share of damage over the years. One of the back windows has a sticker for “Sun ‘n Fun 1976” so I can confidently assume that they are both over 40 years old. The two rear windows [...]

My Tailwind must be a liberal. There are nine gauges in the instrument panel and every one is a different brand. How’s that for diversity? Red arrow: Generic auto parts store oil temperature gauge held in place with zip ties Yellow arrow: Japanese brand oil pressure gauge Green arrow: No-name fuel gauge that isn’t hooked [...]

This is where we’re at with the paint so far.