Another Heat Muff

Now that the new exhaust is installed I can get to work on a new heat muff that hopefully works (unlike my first one). I started out with a piece Dakota Cub PA-18 Leading Edge from a Super Cub that ground looped on take-off earlier this spring. The pilot and plane were okay, but one of the wings was completely destroyed and a lot of its aluminum went into the free-for-all scrap bin. My Tailwind is slowly becoming quite the hybrid. It has Cessna, Piper, Van's, and ultralight parts and soon I'll be able to add Dakota Cub to that list.

I started off with a 10-inch section of material, shaped it into a rectangle, then made the end-plates. The pictures should make the process self-explanatory so I'm gonna skip the "how to" for every step.

I ordered some scat inlet/outlets and tubing from Aircraft Spruce. After I get the cowl finished I'll be able to locate the inlet/outlet positions on the heat muff and finish the installation. I did some calculating and this heat muff has almost eight times the volume of my first one so I hope it works.

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