Christmas Cards Have Arrived!

Pretty much everyone knows not to expect a Christmas card from me. I'm not anti-Christmas or anti-holiday. I've just never felt the desire to send out cards except for a few times in my life. Some of my friends have wives. Some have kids. Some even have both so I can understand why they want to send out cards. Me, I don't have a wife or kids so I lay low during the holidays. That's all gonna change this year.

Once upon a time in October, I walked over to my CFI's hangar to ask if he'd ride shotgun in the Tailwind so I could practice touch-n-go's with a passenger on board. He couldn't because he was busy fixing the vehicle of a stranded tourist from Germany (Jost) that happened to be near the airport when his loaner Suburban went Chevy on him. So while Jost was having his transportation fixed (and probably realizing how much he and his fellow Germans take German engineering for granted), I took him on a sky tour of the lower Yakima Valley. He had some fancy high-tech camera that cost more than the Suburban he was driving, and took pictures during and after the flight. After returning to Germany, he emailed some of the pix to me and after seeing one of them, that's when I decided this will be the year that I send out my first official Christmas card. If you didn't get one, don't feel bad. It probably means you aren't that important. :P

N11018 Merry Christmas

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