Covering the Wings

The wings got covered with Stits polyfiber and poly-tak. The poly-tak was allowed 24 hours to dry and we tried pulling the fabric up. There's no way that fabric was gonna come off without pulling wood up with it so I can say confidently that it is secure. Absolutely more secure than the old fabric that peeled off without any effort.

Next they will be "pinked" with poly-brush and then "silvered" with UV protection and then they'll be ready for some Cub Yellow.

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  1. Ed Kincheloe Says :
    November 14, 2019 at 3:50pm
    “I just obtained a W-10 from an estate sale. The builder from El Reno Oklahoma passed away from cancer with the plane about 80 % finished. It was His 5th or 6th build and he did a good job on this one--Not perfect but good. It needs avionics, cowling, prop, Wings fiber-glassed and painted, the rest of the plane has been painted. I will be adding doors like yours but they will be bubbled about 5" (it's a little tight in there). I'm also eliminating the center flap lever and adding electric flaps and a few other changes that fit me better. am really enjoying your website and will be watching for any further ideas you might have.”
    • Dorian Jepsen Says:
      November 20, 2019 at 11:29am
      “I flew to Oshkosh this summer. My Tailwind was at Oshkosh #1 in 1970. This year, the EAA organizers tracked down all the tail numbers from that event and invited us back for a 50-year anniversary reunion and let us tie down on the Flight Line by the Brown Arch. Rockstar parking! Thousands of people walked past N11018 that week and LOTS of them stopped to talk to me about my Tailwind. The polycarbonate doors were without question a favorite feature among the crowd. Many people who are building or are in the planning stages of a Tailwind build asked me if I sold plans for those doors because that's what they want to do with theirs. It's such a treat to fly now with the increased visibility offered by those doors.”

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