Flying to Lake Chelan

I've been an aircraft owner for three weeks now, but haven't been home long enough to take the Tailwind for an enjoyable flight since returning from my KY-to-WA cross country. After missing out on some beautiful weather yesterday and the day before, I decided that today I'm getting up early and making a quick trip to Lake Chelan and I was gonna record the flight with time-lapse photos on the GoPro. Well, it was a learning experience as far as photography is concerned. I mounted the camera on the tailwheel strut. This was bad for two reasons. First, the angle at which it mounted was too low so the pix had a fish-eye effect which made some of them look like you were seeing them upside down. Second, it was directly in line with the prop wash so when I did my run-up, a blob of grease splatted onto the lens and left a blur spot on all the photos. I saved some of the good ones. Well, none of them were really good so let's just say I saved some of the best of what was available.

YKM Takeoff Departing YKM

Rock Island Dam Rock Island Dam, Rock Island, WA

Waterville Airport 2S5 Waterville Airport, Waterville, WA

Wapato Point, Lake Chelan Wapato Point, Lake Chelan, Manson, WA

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