It's Starting to Look Like an Airplane!

I spent the past month installing the wings and rigging the flaps and ailerons, installing some RV gear leg stiffeners, and installing ultralight wheel pants.

The RV gear leg stiffeners came from Flyboy Accessories. The wheel pants came from an ultralight supplier on eBay.

These last two pictures are for admiration only. N11018 was built in the early 1960's by a man in his garage. He didn't have CNC equipment. He didn't have precision fixtures to assist with measuring or assembly. He had his tools, his hands, and his friends. When I stand at one end of the airplane and look down the leading edge of the wing, it lines up dead perfect with the other wing and that's what I want people to see with these pictures. Harold Passow did a spectacular job when he built this ship and I'm so fortunate to be the owner of it.

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