Wittman Tailwind


A new exhaust system wasn't required for my Continental O-200, but one thing that my airplane needs is some cabin heat. Unfortunately, the old exhaust wasn't fashioned in a way that (easily) allowed for a heat muff. I did make a heat muff many years ago, but it was too small and didn't have enough...

A local gentleman in a neighboring town is building a Wittman Tailwind W-10. He bought a fiberglass cowl and was unhappy with it so he told me if I can make it work for my W8, then I can have it.

Perhaps this will be the world's first attempt to fit a W-10 cowl onto a W8!

To phrase this simply,...

This is the part I've been waiting for. These doors have been one of the most exciting parts of this entire rebuild. I've looked forward to having something like these on my Tailwind for many years. I can't guess the number of hours in the past that I spent googling things like "patroller doors" and...

The wings are painted and are they ever shiny!

The Poly-brush has dried so now it's time to add the Poly-spray for some ultraviolet protection.

I used Solidworks to design some frames to "sandwich" the rear windows into position.