There are several varieties of Tailwind wings. My W8 has the flat-bottomed, short type. “Flat-bottomed” in the sense that the bottom surface is literally flat – not rounded. And “short” in the sense that they don’t have the extended triangular tips which are about 18″ longer and proven to add lift and reduce drag. I [...]

After uncovering and inspecting the wings, they were found to be in great shape. There’s a little bit of water staining at the roots. If you look closely at some of the pictures you may see it. A retired master-craftsman-cabinet-maker-woodsman took a look at them and indicated it was nothing to be concerned about. As [...]

There is clear evidence of some experimenting done on this experimental aircraft over the years, specifically in the horizontal stabilizer area. The plates that secure/locate the leading edges of the horizontal stabilizers had many holes in them: four on the pilot side; six on the passenger side. We fabbed up some new plates and drilled [...]

There’s a popular deviation from the standard Wittman Tailwind plans that involves building it with the rear spar carry-thru moved aft about three inches. This is great for people that are tall or people that don’t like smashing their head on that crossbeam when the flight gets bumpy. Trust me, IT HURTS! I eventually wrapped [...]

The wings are gonna need a fair bit of prep work done to them so they can be painted to match the fuselage (when it gets covered and painted). They have the original fabric from 1965 and peeling that away from the plywood skin from which it’s been adhered to for the past 52 years [...]

For those that don’t know, the EAA has formed a partnership with Dassault Systems and probably the best benefit of that partnership is the free copy of Solidworks that EAA members can download. This is not a scam. Current active EAA members have access to a single license of the SolidWorks Student Edition that they [...]

I spent yesterday taking the wings apart and removing them from the fuselage, removing the cowl, side panels, control surfaces, and pulling the engine. Today I removed the skin. It was a bittersweet process. I kept thinking about all the history it has experienced since 1965. All the eyes that have gazed upon it. All [...]

Okay, this is just too weird. Yesterday at work somebody asked me about my airplane and blah, blah, blah I mentioned that I would like to re-cover and paint it because presently it’s just kinda ugly. Let’s just say I wish it looked as good as it flies. I get home from work at 2:30am, [...]

I took my biennial trip to Bandon, Oregon. I’ve been going there with some close friends since 1999. This was the second time I’ve flown in. Within minutes of shutting down after landing yesterday, a gentleman approached me at the gas pump and immediately starts in about my airplane. “Nice Tailwind! It’s been a long [...]

iOS 8.4 Update

FINALLY! Two and a half months after Apple eft over thousands of pilots that relied on external GPS units for their aviation apps, the release of iOS 8.4 has arrived and I can say with 99% certainty that my iPad 2 with Bad Elf GPS 1000 and Air Navigation Pro are back to 100% functionality.

Lake Chelan

I’ve got another trip planned to Bandon on the southern Oregon coast coming up, and I’m seven hours away from an oil change so I need to fly seven hours in the next six days because I don’t want to be mid-trip when my oil change is due. I’ve never been to Stehekin or Darrington [...]

Hartford, WI KHXF Sectional

I just opened a letter in the mail from Jim Stanton (the guy that wrote the Wittman Tailwind W10 Builder’s Manual) with an invitation to the 2015 Tailwind and Buttercup Fly In taking place at Hartford Municipal Airport (KHXF) on July 17-18. I’m a Machine Technology student and will be in the middle of summer [...]

N11018 still suffers the side effects of oil blow-by from the breather hose. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but after so many flight hours there’s enough sheen that dust and debris begins to stick. To clean it, I normally prop the tailwheel up about two feet, then roll underneath on a [...]

Air Nav Pro iOS 8.3

The boss needed someone to pick up a customer from Baker City, Oregon so I volunteered. I’ve been to Baker City several times and it’s an easy, direct flight, but for today’s flight my iPad wasn’t functioning, or at least I thought it was my iPad or Bad Elf GPS or Air Navigation Pro that [...]

The gentleman that built N11018, Harold Passow, passed away on January 15, 2015 at the age of 92. He built my Tailwind at his home near Oshkosh, Wisconsin, completing it in 1965. I wish you the same blue skies and tailwinds that you have bestowed upon me, Mr. Passow. I promise to help keep your [...]

3 Miles South of Sand Canyon

The boss needed supplies flown to a gentleman at Sand Canyon 1S9 in Chewelah, WA so I volunteered. This is a quiet residential airpark tucked in the Okanagon foothills in Northeast Washington.

Mount Rainier

Oops, someone goofed. It’s Thursday afternoon and someone forgot to order fabric and glue to get wings and control surfaces covered during the weekend. FedEx and UPS can’t get the stuff delivered tomorrow for a reasonable fee so the boss asked someone to go to Spencer Aircraft and bring the supplies back. I volunteered. I [...]

Mt. Adams with Mt. Rainier

The flight from Yakima to Hood River and then south over I-5 was great at 8,500′ MSL. While crossing the hills to get to the coast, things began to get bumpy. By the time I reached Bandon, the wind was blowing 22 and gusting 34 knots. This kicked my a$$ on final as my head [...]