Prepping the Wings

After uncovering and inspecting the wings, they were found to be in great shape. There's a little bit of water staining at the roots. If you look closely at some of the pictures you may see it. A retired master-craftsman-cabinet-maker-woodsman took a look at them and indicated it was nothing to be concerned about. As mentioned previously, there was little to no glue/adhesive holding the fabric skin onto the wings. Perhaps it dried up with age, but the wood surfaces of both wings are smooth so whatever was originally applied didn't penetrate very far into the wood skin. There are areas that have a mild "texture" to them, but they cleaned up effortlessly with 1600 grit sandpaper. There were some areas of concavity where bondo had previously been applied so those areas were filled in and sanded flush.

Holy Bondo, Batman!

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