Remote Mount Oil Filter

Bye bye, oil screen. Hello, oil filter.

As mentioned in previous posts, oil changes were not an easy task on my Tailwind mainly because of the removal, inspection, and reinstallation of the oil screen. I'll spare the details, but trust me when I say it was a PITA!

I've installed an Airwolf Remote Mount Oil Filter Kit (AFC-K008-A) for two reasons:

  1. Ease of access and simplicity of swapping out a filter vs checking a screen
  2. Able to fly 50 hours between oil changes vs 25 hours

The kit mounted nicely to a piece of 4" x 6" aluminum plate which was adel clamped to the fuselage tubing. It looks great and the close proximity to the oil sump drain plug means I'll only have to remove ONE panel at the bottom of the cowl to drain the oil and change the filter.

With this new setup I should be able to do an oil change in about an hour. That's a huge improvement.

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