Running Hot

The intake snouts on the new cowl were significantly bigger than the previous cowl because it was made to enclose an O-300, O-320, or O-360 engine typically found in the W10 Tailwind and not the O-200 in my W8. I used silicone baffle material to tunnel the air into the plenum, but it didn't work and CHTs were easily hitting 450 degrees in the pattern.


I opened up the intake area of the plenum so it would more closely match the opening of the cowl.


This cleaned up the air flow somewhat.


Then I opened up the cowl exit which gave it about a 50% greater opening and left an edge break to create a pressure differential and hopefully help air get sucked out the the engine bay.

cowl_exit_1 cowl_exit_2

And lastly, I made "cowl flaps" for the exhaust exits with the intention of creating more pressure differential and help suck air through the engine bay.

cowl_flap_right cowl_flap_left

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