It was perfect weather for a flight today. No wind. Temps in the 50's. I attached the GoPro to capture the autumn scenery and also record how fast I could make a flight from Yakima to Sunnyside to Prosser to Sunnyside and back to Yakima. Three airports and four landings. Unfortunately, the camera picked up a vibration so all the video had a "shake" to it and while on approach to Sunnyside, some insect wanted a close-up shot and ended up splattered on the lens. No other part of the camera was touched. Just the lower left corner of the lens. How convenient! I salvaged the footage into a time-lapse piece, but not before I could find some royalty free music to accompany it. Okay, so the music isn't all that wonderful so mute it if it makes watching the video too painful. From departure clearance to touchdown back at Yakima, the round trip took 45 minutes.

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