Wittman Tailwind Pilot Killed

Some sad news came across the Wittman Tailwind user group wire this morning. A fellow pilot was killed yesterday afternoon during the second flight of his W10 that he had spent several years building. The GA community always mourns at the loss of a pilot, but this one is especially sad for the Tailwind fliers. The FAA is investigating the crash, but eyewitnesses say they heard a plane overhead with engine problems so it's impossible at this point to say what went wrong. Unfortunately some of the news media websites covering this story are riddled with comments from morons who know nothing about aviation, yet insist on posting their "authoritative knowledge" on the subject.

"Experimental airplanes should be illegal."
-Idiot Moron

"'Experimental aircraft' is another word for 'death wish'."
-Stupid Moron

When my time comes, I can only hope I'm lucky enough for it to happen while I'm doing something I love (like flying).

Godspeed, Mr. Wing. May you always have blue skies and tailwinds.


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