Cub Yellow Paint

There’s no turning back now. N11018 is officially Cub Yellow. Back when this whole project started, my initial plan was to have a bright matte white Tailwind when it was done. Just something simple that would be easy to add livery or decals to later on if I wanted. There was plenty of white and Cub Yellow paint left over on the shelves at Yakima Aerosport and I was told I could have either. They insisted I go with Cub Yellow. I insisted it be matte white.

I posted my dilemma to the Tailwind group and asked for opinions. Overwhelmingly they said if they were given the choice, they would choose Cub Yellow.

So Cub Yellow it is.

2 thoughts on “Cub Yellow Paint”

  1. Man I would not have expected that so many people would prefer yellow, though for sure it is going to be easier to pick out a yellow plane in the sky than a white one. Beautiful job on this work.

    1. I’ve had people at non-towered airports comment over the frequency how easy it is to see and avoid me. I don’t have a transponder or ADS-B so I don’t show up on radar or TIS-B systems and because the aircraft is covered in fabric it doesn’t generate a reliable radar signature even when I’m inside of Class D airspace. Tower controllers at Troutdale and Yakima have commented how well the yellow can be seen.

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