Exhaust Hangers

The new exhaust system consists of four individual pipes, each between 28-32" long which means they definitely need support at both ends. Using some 1/8" all-thread and some 16-gauge (1/16") chromoly scrap from work, I fashioned up some hangers that provide some spring/shock-absorption to the exit end of the pipes. The pipes are 1.5" diameter, so what I did was wrap the chromoly around a 1-1/4" steel bar to give it its shape. Once relaxed, this provides a snug fit around the pipes, but not so tight that they can't be slid in and out with much trouble.

Pilot side.

I do have my concerns with how well the adel clamp is going to hold up on the passenger side. I can say right now I'm gonna have to come up with something to hold the adel clamp in place.

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