Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan S10 and Stehekin 6S9

I’ve got another trip planned to Bandon on the southern Oregon coast coming up, and I’m seven hours away from an oil change so I need to fly seven hours in the next six days because I don’t want to be mid-trip when my oil change is due. I’ve never been to Stehekin or Darrington so I attempted those destinations today. I didn’t plan on landing at Stehekin, but Darrington for sure. After Darrington, my plan was to fly south to Fall City/Issaquah/North Bend and cross Snoqualmie Pass back to Yakima.

Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan as seen from…
Latitude: N 47° 47′ 16.065
Longitude: W 119° 57′ 25.494
Altitude: 10,500′ MSL

Lake Chelan Airport S10

Lake Chelan airport as seen from…
Latitude: N 47° 51′ 47.356
Longitude: W 120° 0′ 21.438
Altitude: 10,500′ MSL

Wapato Point

Wapato Point as seen from…
Latitude: N 47° 52′ 18.404
Longitude: W 120° 0′ 29.958
Altitude: 10,500′ MSL

Glacier Peak

Glacier Peak as seen from…
Latitude: N 48° 11′ 53.104
Longitude: W 120° 27′ 29.118
Altitude: 10,500′ MSL

Looking North

Latitude: N 48° 9′ 29.950
Longitude: W 120° 24′ 39.766
Altitude: 10,500′ MSL

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